Crystals are pristinely organized energy matrices. as products of natural occurrences, they realign us to the natural vibrations of all organic things. Placing one in the center of your body "tunes" and balances your system to these pure vibrations.

Clear Quartz

"The Master Crystal"

amplifying ● magnetizing ● energizing ● adaptogenic ● cognitive enhancer ● activating/balancing

chakras - all (1st-7th)
elementals - all (earth, water, fire, air, ether, light, consciousness)

heals - body systems, fatigue, cellular function

Clear quartz is called the master crystal because it is an adaptogenic superconductor, restructuring the energy of your entire system. Clear quartz is used in computer processing because it has a molecular structure ideal for absorbing, storing and transmitting energy. This makes it especially good for amplifying intentions and manifesting.


"Stone of Strength"

ego integration ● right use of will ● stamina/grit ● decisiveness ● self control ● focus ● grounding ● protection

chakra - root (1st)
elemental - earth

heals - stress, fatigue, immune system, cellular function

Wearing onyx grounds and consolidates your energy. A good stone for those with high stress or low energy. It builds a solid foundation from which to connect with your higher Self, become the master of your destiny and realize separation is an illusion.

Rose Quartz

"Stone of the Heart"

unconditional love ● compassion ● sensuality ● empathy ● grace ● self love ● tenderness ● living in love

chakra heart (4th) 
elemental - air

heals - closed heart, hypertension, fatigue

Rose quartz is specially tuned to the heart. Wear it to reawaken the innate love that resides within. Rose quartz brings soothing feminine energy to painful emotions. It is excellent for finding balance after mental activity. Meditating with rose quartz restores the light and airy nature of your etheric body.

Smoky Quartz

"Stone of Power"

personal empowerment ● will power ● stability ● grounding ● protection ● transmutes negativity ● amplifies physical energy

chakras - root (1st), solar plexus (3rd)
elementals - earth, fire

heals - stress, fatigue, hyperactivity

Smoky quartz grounds and recharges you. It absorbs negative energy and replaces it with steadiness, leaving you feeling empowered, strong and clear. Good for those with a lot of responsibility or who need help motivating towards action. Meditating with smoky quartz draws consciousness into the body.


"Stone of Perception"

clear communication ● intuition ● spiritual clarity ● psychic abilities ●  opens third eye ● purification of mind

chakra - third eye (6th)
elemental - light

heals - anxiety, fatigue, blood

Opalite works specifically on your third eye (pineal gland) — the biochemical mechanism through which we perceive reality. It is the seat of your intuition. Opalite brings clarity to your perception, which allows you to see situations objectively and recognize the benevolent opportunities that surround you. 


"Stone of Self-Realization"

attunement with Higher Self ● subtlety ● receptivity ● inspiration ● creativity ● self expression ● absorbs anger and negativity

chakras - crown (7th), stimulates all (1st-7th)
elemental - air

heals -  stress, overactive mind, insomnia, circulation, muscular tension

Howlite stimulates higher consciousness and attunes your whole system to that awakened energy. This crystal has the power to ground you, elevate your emotions, stimulate creativity and clarify your mind. Howlite is for those seeking an experience of themselves beyond the mundane.


"Stone of Prosperity"

auspiciousness ● abundance ● power ● integration ● transmutes negativity ● amplifies joy ● alignment with Truth ● imagination ● material wealth

chakras - root (1st), solar plexus (3rd), crown (7th)
elementals - earth, fire, consciousness

heals - stress, digestion, toxicity

Citrine is known as the stone of prosperity because it transmutes negativity into joy and leaves you radiant and magnetic. Citrine grounds the body, stirs the soul’s fire for truth and clears your mind. This crystal is for those bringing their dreams into tangible form. Meditate with citrine to strengthen the connection to your higher Self.

White Jade

"Stone of Awareness"

intuition ● clarity ● cosmic consciousness ● connectivity ● heart soothing ● wisdom ● centering ● harmonizing

chakras - heart (4th), crown (7th) 
elemental - earth

heals - stresshypertension, headaches

White jade is a subtle crystal that connects the heart to higher consciousness. It stimulates intuition and keeps you focused on matters of ultimate concern. White jade is an etheric stone, especially supportive for those with a solid foundation who are seeking to access wisdom and create harmony in themselves and the world around them. 


"Stone of Grace"

clear perception ● mentally soothing ● cleanses subconscious ● imagination ● intuition ● sweet dreams ● opens third eye

chakras - third eye (6th), crown (7th) 
elementals - light, consciousness

heals - overactive mind, anxiety, insomnia, dream state

Amethyst radiates a simultaneously uplifting and soothing energy. It purifies the mind, activates your third eye (pineal gland) and tunes you into intuition and higher consciousness. By connecting the 6th and 7th chakras amethyst creates a graceful ease, clears the heaviness of the subconscious mind, and supports peaceful relating.

Tigers Eye

"Seer's Stone"

clear seeing ● integrity ● grounding ● right use of power ● vision ● R/L brain coherence ● sharpens intellect ● brightness ● optimism ● protection

chakras - root (1st), solar plexus (3rd)
elementals - earth, fire

heals - hypertension, endocrine system, blood, internal voice, dream state

Tigers eye brings integration and integrity. It has a significant ability to stimulate and unite strength, emotion and action, giving the wearer powerful clarity and vision. This crystal is for leaders, visionaries and manifestors.