The Ascension Stone™ is an alchemically charged crystal talisman that combines visual logic and crystal energies to help synchronize Higher and lower realms while "tuning" the bodymind to earth’s pristinely organized energy matrices.



"Stone of Strength"

ego integration ● right use of will ● stamina/grit ● decisiveness ● self control ● focus ● grounding ● protection

chakra - root (1st)
elemental - earth


"Stone of Perception"

clear communication ● intuition ● spiritual clarity ● psychic abilities ●  opens third eye ● purification of mind

chakra - third eye (6th)
elemental - light

Smoky Quartz

"Stone of Power"

personal empowerment ● will power ● stability ● grounding ● protection ● transmutes negativity ● amplifies physical energy

chakras - root (1st), solar plexus (3rd)
elementals - earth, fire

rose quartz

"Stone of the Heart"

unconditional love ● compassion ● sensuality ● empathy ● grace ● self love ● tenderness ● living in love

chakra - heart (4th) 
elemental - air


“crafted for the seeker in all of us.”

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It is through geometry that one purifies the eye of the soul.
— Plato