Power comes from stability and strength. Grounding crystals help you build a solid foundation — physically, emotionally and mentally. Their crystalline structure absorbs chaotic energy (fear / stress / exhaustion) and replaces it with solid, stable energy from the earth. Hanging out with grounding crystals is like hanging out with solid friends. They help you remember how amazing you are. Here are some of our favorites. 

All of these crystals are tuned to the root (1st) chakra and the element of earth. 

Smoky Quartz / "Stone of Power” — Best for transmuting energy from negative to positive.
Onyx / "Stone of Strength” — Best for consolidating your own strength and power.
Tigers Eye / “Seer's Stone” — Best for a clear mind and right action.

power stones - Ascension Stone
onyx | gold
power stones - Ascension Stones