David Hohme

"I've been fascinated by sacred geometry and its application to pretty much everything in the universe for years. From cellular structure to the way in which plants grow, scaling all the way up to solar systems—it's present everywhere. On top of that, aesthetically, it just makes sense to me.

I fancy myself a logical person and for some reason clean lines, angles, and circles just feel like the visual form of logic. What sacred geometry represents to me is progress. A myriad of new fringe energy technologies are utilizing these geometric principles to develop new ways for us to move forward as a civilization with less negative impact on our environment. Many believe that the  shape is one of the key pieces to developing anti-gravity technology through zero-point energy.

All of these hopeful and progressive feelings I have around sacred geometry and the merkaba shape are the exact reason why it just feels right wearing my Ascension Stone. Aside from it being simply beautiful, it allows me to spark this conversation with others who are open to hearing about the utopian future we could all be heading towards. My Ascension Stone represents hope."

David Hohme, producer & international DJ

David Hohme - Ascension Stone

Leo Marrs

Founder/CEO of Now Age Brands