Jennifer Sodini

Jennifer Sodini Evolve & Ascend Ascension Stone

"To say these talismans are magic, would be an understatement, as I truly feel these wonderous creations are the bridge from heaven to earth, and provide blessings and protection for your journey into being.

Clear quartz has given me clarity, onyx has given me strength, opalite has allowed me to be a clear channel for cosmic radiance/wisdom, and rose quartz has healed my heart.

Synchronicity is what lead me to discover Ascension Stones, and ever-evolving serendipity has been what's manifested since the stones have come into my life. 

My stones have flown with me all over the country, and to Costa Rica, where they had the opportunity to be blessed by a shaman that's been drinking plant medicine since childhood (and studied with the world's oldest shaman), and I will be bringing my stones to Egypt, as I travel and explore the great pyramids of Giza with Nassim Haramein. 

Words alone cannot describe how much Ascension Stones mean to me, and how much they've enriched my life. They truly must be experienced to be fully understood."

Jennifer Sodini, founder Evolve & Ascend

Leo Marrs

Founder/CEO of Now Age Brands