The Ascension Stone™ is an alchemically charged crystal talisman that combines visual logic and crystal energies to activate your light body and “tune” you to earth’s pristinely organized energy matrices.


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"Stone of Strength"

ego integration ● right use of will ● stamina/grit ● decisiveness ● self control ● focus ● grounding ● protection

chakra - root (1st)
elemental - earth


"Stone of Perception"

clear communication ● intuition ● spiritual clarity ● psychic abilities ●  opens third eye ● purification of mind

chakra - third eye (6th)
elemental - light

clear Quartz

"The Master Crystal"

amplifying ● magnetizing ● energizing ● adaptogenic ● cognitive enhancer ● activating/balancing

chakras - all (1st-7th)
elementals - all
(earth, water, fire, air, ether, light, consciousness)

rose quartz

"Stone of the Heart"

unconditional love ● compassion ● sensuality ● empathy ● grace ● self love ● tenderness ● living in love

chakra - heart (4th) 
elemental - air


praise for the ascension stone