The Ascension Stone™ combines visual logic and crystal frequencies to help synchronize higher and lower realms while “tuning” your bodymind to earth’s pristinely organized energy matrixes.




"Stone of Strength"

ego integration ● right use of will ● stamina/grit ● decisiveness ● self control ● focus ● grounding ● protection

chakra - root (1st)
elemental - earth


"Stone of Perception"

clear communication ● intuition ● spiritual clarity ● psychic abilities ●  opens third eye ● purification of mind

chakra - third eye (6th)
elemental - light

Smoky Quartz

"Stone of Power"

personal empowerment ● will power ● stability ● grounding ● protection ● transmutes negativity ● amplifies physical energy

chakras - root (1st), solar plexus (3rd)
elementals - earth, fire

rose quartz

"Stone of the Heart"

unconditional love ● compassion ● sensuality ● empathy ● grace ● self love ● tenderness ● living in love

chakra - heart (4th) 
elemental - air

It is through geometry that one purifies the eye of the soul.
— Plato